Useful Gifts for Travelers (They Will Actually Want!)

Useful Gifts for Travelers (At Every Price Point!)

As an avid traveler, there are some items I can’t travel without, and then there are other items I would love to have! Therefore I thought it was time to put together a list of super useful gifts for travelers at every price point. My friends and family, take note! All of which you can get right on Amazon (I’m talking to you, my last-minute shoppers)!

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Travel Coffee Press

Let’s start out with one of the most useful gifts for travelers out there; COFFEE! Ok, maybe that’s just for me 😂. I honestly think this is all in one travel coffee press is one of the coolest ideas!

I absolutely love french press, so I think it’s really cool you can bring your own travel mug around and make coffee whenever you want at any place around the world! This particular travel mug can even be used for tea.

Gift a French Press Travelers All-in-One MugWireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you fly a lot, having noise-canceling headphones are one of the more useful items in a travelers bag! I’ve wanted a pair for so long and got the Sony Extra Bass Noise Cancelling headphones for last Black Friday and I still absolutely love them!

They have a ton of cool features that include swiping through music from the headphone ear, answering calls, and even making the music go down just by putting your hand on the ear! As you can tell, I am obsessed =)


Noise Canceling headphones are one of the most useful gifts for frequent flyers.Scratch Maps

While a scratch map might not seem like a very useful gift for travelers, they are super fun and just spark wanderlust! I actually asked my husband for a scratch map last holiday! I love the excitement of scratching a new country off my map. These maps are the perfect little stocking stuffer too!

Fujifilm Instax

Next up, the Instax. This camera has been added to my list if anyone would like to send one my way! I’ve used these Instax Cameras a ton and they are just so much fun! Definitely a cool gadget/gift for any traveler to have!

Instax make a perfect useful gift for travelers to capture memories!Photography Drone

For all your photography loving travelers, this might be one of the ultimate gifts! I’ve been eyeing a DJI Mavic 2 PRO for some time now, so hubby, family, and friends if you are reading wink, wink!

I doubt you can go wrong with this gift if you’re looking to spend a pretty penny on someone special! The DJI Mavic 2 Pro is known around the travel industry to shoot stunning video and photography that you can cherish for years to come =)


The ultimate travelers gift for photography enthusiasts is the DJI Mavic Pro 2 Drone

JBL GO2 Waterproof Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker

I recently just got one of these JBL Go2 Waterproof speakers from my husband and I absolutely love it! It is super compact (through it right in my bag) and it plays loud!

Currently, I’ve actually been using it in the shower, but it’s also a great travel accessory. I know I will be taking it on future travels with me! This little speaker is perfect for beach destinations, camping/glamping, hiking, and more making it a great useful travel gift for travelers!


Portable speakers are useful gifts for travelers who like being outdoors, camping, and more!GoPro Hero 7

I’ve had a GoPro for 3+ years and it always comes with me since it’s light and compact. I specifically love using it if I know I want to photograph underwater or know I might be getting wet. GoPro’s are the perfect gift if you know your traveling friend is adventurous and enjoys photography! I currently have the GoPro Hero 7 and it works great!


Useful Photography gifts for travelers include the GoPro 7, which is perfect for adventure travel.Canon DSLR or Mirrorless Camera

While we are talking about Cameras, I might as well add a DSLR. Canon’s DSLR Rebels are perfect for beginners and still great for more seasoned photographers. I shot with the Canon Rebel 7ti for over 3 years and I really loved the camera. In my opinion, this is the perfect camera to teach how to shoot in manual mode with their live view.

This Canon kit comes with 2 batteries, a memory card, and the basic lens which I think is a good starting point. As you get better at using the camera, you will have a better idea of what lenses you need later.

I originally got this whole lens package. later I realized that most of those lenses really didn’t meet my needs for the type of photography I wanted to capture. For more about my travel gear, including lenses I use head over to my Resources Page under photography!


The Canon Rebel Camera is the Perfect useful gifts for Travelers.

Now, if you are looking to step up your game, I just invested in the mirrorless Canon EOS R and I absolutely love it! It is a full-frame camera, uses the new RF lenses, has great autofocus, and more!

I truly believe mirrorless is the way of the future as all the large camera companies have been releasing all-new mirrorless cameras! Of those companies, Canon is a top company!

I also just got the RF 24-70mm lens and I am in love! These are huge investments, so maybe this one is more of a gift to yourself if you are a photography lover.


Portable Charging Power Bank

One of the most useful things to us as travelers is our portable travel bank. I must admit it works much better on my iPhone than my husband’s phone, but together we can get up to 3 charges on this power bank!

While traveling, we usually are out all day and using google maps which completely drains the battery. It’s nice knowing we have this back up if we get lost in the middle of nowhere lol!

Gift a Travel power bank as one of the most useful travelers giftsCamera bag/backpack

Ok, guys, I know I bring this bag up in almost any list/gift guide I make, but I truly do love my Lowepro bag (not sponsored!) I originally bought this bag for our 2-month trek through Europe and Southeast Asia and I still continue to use it on all my travels.

It holds my DLSR and at least 3 lenses, my computer, my toiletries, and more! I really try to pack only a carry-on now and this backpack helps me in doing so!

I also love how the pack can also act as an anti-theft bag when putting the rain cover over the pack (cover that clings over the entire bag). It can be a little bulky and not the most fashionable, but it does everything I need it to and more while keeping all my gear safe! I think this bag is such a useful gift to travelers that have camera gear!

Find it on Amazon here!

New Luggage

New luggage is also a great area for upgrades! I can’t tell you how many bags in the past that have gotten pretty beaten up. Because of that, I made sure to put good luggage on our wedding registry.

I have been using Delsey luggage for 3+ years now and my luggage is still in great shape. Did I mention I used to work right next to the luggage department in Bloomingdales when I was in college? During slow days, I learned a lot about luggage, to say the least lol.

Delsey Carry-on

Larger Delsey Luggage

If you are more of a luxury shopper, Rimowa and Tumi are considered top of the line luggage with the price tag to come with it.

Travel Ornaments

Travel Ornaments make for the perfect stocking stuffer that travel lovers will surely love! Speaking of which, for any family reading this, I could use some of these! I found some really cute ornaments on Amazon!

Passport Ornament

Suitcase Ornament

Stacked World Signs Ornament 

Globe Ornament


For those who love to read on their travels, a kindle is a great gift! They are compact and travel well, which of course, is the beauty of them. If you live in the states, you can even hook up your kindle to your public library and rent books through it for free just as you would through the library!

Hiking Boots/ Snow Boots

Do you know more adventurous travelers? Good hiking boots can be another great option. For wide feet, I’d recommend Keen hiking boots. Otherwise, I recommend Salomon hiking boots which is what both myself and my husband use.

If they live in colder climates, I love the Ugg Snow boots. I’ve had these boots for over 4 years and they are great, especially when you always have cold feet like me.

While we are talking about boots, a great stocking stuffer is hiking socks. You can never have too many! I wear them around the house all the time in winter months since my feet are always cold.


A Pair of Sunnys

Sunglasses are useful gifts for just about anyone, especially travelers. I feel like you can never go wrong with a pair of Ray-ban sunglasses. They look good on almost anyone and if you get them from a store like Macys, the return policy is really easy.

Additional Useful Gifts for Travelers

For additional Useful Gifts for Travelers that they will actually use, check out my post on 20 Best Travel Accessories under $20. These additional accessories can make for the perfect stocking stuffers and will be appreciated by any travel lover!

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21 thoughts on “Useful Gifts for Travelers (They Will Actually Want!)”

  1. I’m a traveler and would love any of these gifts! I collect ornaments while I travel and it’s so fun to remember the places I got them as I hang each on the tree. I’d love some of the ornaments you linked to here, too!

  2. I love this list! My favorite and something I didn’t know we can buy is the coffee press – absolutely I am adding it to my wish list as it is great for my road trips. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. I really love the travel ornaments and for sure the backup battery I learned that for sure on my last trip my phone batter was draining. I also like the drone I love the hots people get with that such cool perspective.

  4. This has so many things I have had my eyes on for so long!! I just received a scratch map, and I absolutely love it! All of these are perfect gift ideas. I’m going to slip my husband this post as a hint. 🙂

  5. I hope your family and friends happen to read this post and you’re opening a DJI Mavic 2 PRO drone on Christmas morning! I wouldn’t mind one myself 🙂

  6. I’ve been traveling full-time for almost 5 years and own most of these things so can confirm these are def things that travelers want and need!

  7. This is a great list of useful gifts for travelers. I know for sure that I need some out of these for all my trips. Those noise cancelling headphones are great. And so is the portable powerbank.

  8. Hehehe I would not mind being given a bunch of these (especially the gopro!), but I’d feel terrible if my family bought me them as they are way beyond their price range. I guess it’ll be portable chargers all ’round. 😉

    • The portable speaker and scratch map are around the same range =) Honestly, I can’t travel without the portable charger. It’s deff a great thing to have! I also have a list linked in this post of 20 travel-inspired gifts under $20!

  9. I love gift lists and there is some great inspiration on here. I have a gazillion travel mugs; I get one every Christmas as I am a bit of a coffee addict! I have also bought the Fujifilm Instax for my sister this year, I love them!

    • I am just learning about the travel mugs with the french press built in! So cool u have a ton of them! Totally agree the Instax is great. I need to personally get one myself!

  10. What a wonderful list! I know the noise cancelling headphones and the Go Pro are on my list. I hope Santa brings them to me!

  11. I would gladly take any one of these gifts save for the noise canceling headphones as that was my gift to myself last year and it gets a lot of use. I would love to have a drone. Might just have to leave this somewhere where my husband can see it. Thanks for the ideas :-).


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