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Mount Mitchell Overlook with Me and Marley

Planning to travel to the Tarheel state of North Carolina? With beaches and mountains, North Carolina is an East Coast state that has it all! Not to mention North Carolina is home to the highest mountain peak, largest active sand dune, and deepest gorge east of the Mississippi!

North Carolina is also where the Wright Brothers took their first flight!

The Tar Heel state has a lot to offer and the new state I call my home, therefore I am so excited to share the best things to do!

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North Carolina Travel Tips

Here is some practical information and travel tips for traveling in North Carolina.

North Carolina Capital: Raleigh

Raleigh Population: 469,298

State Population: 10.49 Million

Popular Cities

Raleigh, Charlotte, Wilmington, The Outer Banks, Durham, Chapel Hill, Asheville

Favorite Eats

North Carolina is known for their Southern Comfort food including biscuits and gravy, barbeque, etc.

Additionally, major cities are known to be food and craft beer hubs!


North Carolina experiences all four seasons. With that being said, the weather can be quite erratic.

Many times it can feel like spring or even summer in the winter months.

During the Spring, it will usually seem as if it is either summer or winter, and spring is usually pretty short.

Summers are hot and humid and these warm temperatures can last through mid-November.

And if you guessed it, fall can many times feel like summer, with a short burst of fall. Fall is also a very short, but pretty season in NC.

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