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Welcome to the city that never sleeps and my home for over 12 years. Any New Yorker can tell you they have a love-hate with this city, but overall New York is one of the most bucket-list-worthy cities to visit in the USA!

This New York travel guide covers everything you need to know about traveling to New York City and beyond. From New York travel itineraries, the Subway, NYC photo locations, travel tips, Long Island, and beyond.

This comes with years of experience living in New York and my whole family being born and raised across the state!

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What to Expect When Traveling to New York

Language: English is the main language in New York and unfortunately, you won’t run into many people who can speak a second language so if you are rusty on English, Google translate is your best bet! Stay up-to-date with some NYC Slang!

Currency: The Currency is in USD.

Cards/ATM’s: Credit Cards are widely accepted and ATMs can be found everywhere. Smaller shops might ask for a minimum dollar amount purchase so it’s good to keep cash on you.

Tipping in New York: Tipping is expected if it was not added to your bill. 15-25% is the average tip for sitting down at a restaurant. Even when the service is not that great, a tip is still expected since the servers work on tips.

 New York Safety: In General New York is very safe. I went to college and lived in NYC and have always felt safe. That is not to say you shouldn’t practice general safety and precaution. 

Power outlets: New York and the USA uses standards of voltage between 110 V to 120 V and the standard frequency is 60 Hz. I recommend using a universal adaptor. 

Getting Around New York: It is very easy to get around New York City by using the NYC subway system.

 New York boroughs (Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Brooklyn) are still fairly easy to get around with public transportation, but depending on your destination you might have to rent an Uber or Lyft. 

Heading to Long Island, New York is also fairly easy on the LIRR, but getting around Long Island once you arrive is difficult without a car.

I would only recommend renting a car if you plan to go to Upstate New York, staying in one of NYC’s boroughs, or out on Long Island. 

Useful Apps: Google Maps, City Mapper, LIRR on time (for Long Island), HERE WeGo (downloadable map if you don’t have service). 

Additionally, if this is your first time in New York, here are 25 tips to know before visiting New York City!

Best Time to Travel to New York

New York is great all-year-round since you can experience all 4 seasons. The busiest time to visit New York City will be during the Summer and the NYC Winter holidays. While the seasons have been crazy the past few years, Spring (April- June) tends to be around 45F – 80F.

Summer months (July-August) are usually very hot and humid around the 70’s-90’s. During the Fall in NYC (September- November) New York has some beautiful foliage and temps tend to be around 70F- 42 towards the end of Fall.

Fall in Central Park NYC
Fall in Central Park, NYC

Getting to New York

New York is fairly easy to get to since it’s a major city. Common airports to fly into are JFK (John F Kennedy), LGA (Laguardia), and EWR (Newark, NJ).

I have flown from all 3 and usually pick whichever airport has the best pricing and more direct routes.

If you plan to stay in New York City, there is no need for a car. From the Airport, you can schedule an Uber, Lyft or Car Service pick-up. 

The Yellow Cabs outside the airport tend to be very expensive. 

Additionally, you can also take public transportation. All 3 airports have air-trams, subways, and buses going into NYC.

Google Maps or City Mapper will be able to give you exact directions and trains you need to take.

New York Travel Guides and Itineraries

Believe it or not, New York is a huge State! While most people come to visit Manhattan, there are tons of things to do in the surrounding boroughs and cities. 

Below, find New York itineraries, tips, and guides for the best experiences in New York!

 Additional New York resources include tours and New York passes which allow you to receive a discount for the major NYC tourist attractions like the Empire State Building, Top of the Rock, etc. The best passes and tours can be found at City Pass | City Sightseeing Pass | Hop on Hop Off Bus | Get Your Guide NYC Tours

If this is your first time in NYC, I’d recommend checking out: 

4 Days in New York Itinerary | Best Free Things to do in NYC

Where to Stay in New York

You can find tons of accommodations across New York City. I use Booking (dot) com for almost all my stays.

If you plan on staying in Manhattan, I’d recommend staying in Midtown, Chelsea, or Soho, personally.

I know most people want to stay in Times Square, however, it is extremely touristy around this area and you would have a better experience outside of it.

Some hotels in NYC to consider staying are:

MOXY NYC Times Square | Hyatt House Chelsea | Hotel Edison Times Square | New York Marriott Marquis | Lotte New York Palace 

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